Why ‘magical fragments’?

This is the learning log for my MA Applied Imagination research project… Welcome to the chaos!

It all started with the ‘Box of Uncertainties’; a project where we were asked to identify things we feel uncertain about. My personal observations and research led me to empathy (and a lack thereof in contemporary urban societies?) and the way people value each other, moments, and objects. Do we still know how to live in the moment? Did we ever know how to live in the moment? Are we becoming increasingly distracted?

The foundation for my final project has been partly shaped by these uncertainties as well as elements from a project titled ‘Dream and Nightmare’, which was about personal interests, passions, and fears. Although my ‘dream’ and ‘nightmare’ were more concrete (than the uncertainties) and described projects I would love to do/hate to do, the theme underpinning both was again human connection.

The name Magical Fragments reflects and refers both to the stories and emotional connections we create between things in our everyday lives, and the fact that my project has grown out of fragments from different sources that link together through a common narrative.

You know that moment when you hear a song for the first time and you feel like it was written for you; like the singer knows exactly how you feel? Those times when you are reminded of a moment in the past and realise it was triggered by the tiniest detail? Holding on to an object, or destroying it, because it reminds you of someone? These are all magical fragments; emotional connections created through our individual experience and associations with moments and people. Fragments that influence our individual narratives.

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