My meeting with the psychologist was postponed to next week due to changes in her schedule.

However, there has by no means been a lack of meetings this week. On Monday I had a very useful drop-in tutorial with one of the head tutors. Talking with him about my research helped me clarify and further define some of my ideas. He also brought up the concept of ‘stories as currency’, which links well to the idea that objects with meaning have a value.

Today I had a brief meeting at LOW in Walthamstow, which is a creative space that hosts events, workshops, and exhibitions. I contacted them to see if they could help me organise my next intervention. Stella, one of the founders, was very intrigued by my idea of an event that invites people to explore the narrative lives of their clothing. A preliminary date for the event has been set and the next step is to plan exactly what this storytelling space would be like.

In the afternoon I had a one-on-one meeting with the librarian to get some more insight on where and how to look more secondary research. I specifically wanted advice on where to find existing projects and research that relate to the ideas I am exploring. Again a useful meeting that will help me move forward on my research journey.

Tomorrow I will go to Covent Garden to meet the manager at The Poetry Café and tell her more about my project and intervention idea.


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