An evening of clothes and narratives: intervention development

As previously mentioned, I have been in correspondence with one of the owners at Locus of Walthamstow, Stella Taliadoros, regarding my next intervention. The date has been confirmed as 31 August, and Stella was happy with my plan on how to organise the space during the event.

The event is going to be an interactive storytelling evening to observe how people respond to and interact with the topic of clothes as narrative and affective objects.

An evening of clothes, narratives, and bubbly! 

What kinds of memories and stories do you have in your wardrobe? Do you ever wonder about the lived experience of previously owned clothing? Would you like to get rid of clothes you no longer wear and share memories in a creative way? 

Discover the stories that time has woven into the clothes we wear during an evening of clothes swapping, storytelling, and mingling.  

Bring clothes or accessories you no longer use and swap them for something else. The catch? Each piece should come with a little story from its past life. Maybe it whispers nostalgia? Maybe it witnessed a serendipitous encounter? Or perhaps you wore it to a party on 31 August ten years ago?  

You may even discover long lost love stories in your wardrobe, which is more than okay. If you do not have anything you want to swap, come share your precious story over a glass of bubbly, immortalise it in the self-portrait studio, or turn it into a poem!

The space is going to offer a chance to discover and share stories in an immersive environment. The intervention event has been developed from the four ‘intervention scores‘ and includes similar possibilities for self-reflection. The low participation in the ‘intervention scores’ does not appear to be a result of a lack of interest but rather a ‘lack of time’. By creating an event around the theme I am hoping it will be easier to reach people and record their response in real-time. It will also provide a platform to explore the creative possibilities of storytelling through dress.

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