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In the summer I contacted the editor of The Bare Minimum Mag, Abigail Jones, not about my MA project but regarding my clothing label and she said she was interested in working with me for the magazine so we decided to arrange a meeting and discuss things further.

On Saturday we finally met for a quick chat and coffee. After telling Abigail about my current MA project she said it sounds like something that would fit perfectly with the magazine’s style and spirit. I agreed with her fully. She asked if I would be interested in publishing some of my research as a story in the magazine so we ended up discussing the format and decided on a few preliminary details.

This new opportunity opens up a future platform to showcase my research evidence and help me further explore how it can be communicated and applied in tangible ways.

Additional note: During our meeting Abigail also mentioned a couple of useful magazines; one related to narrative clothes and the other about witchcraft and magic.

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